Multimedia MultimediaInteractive Starship Theater is the first immersive role play collaborative learning experience created.

My full time on-site contract duties involved designing graphics for an interface, wireframes, compositing, animating and editing effects and sequences for a 30 minute interactive planetarium theater show. The page header above is a visual sample of the work performed.

* Credits: MultimediaIntegration of animation, audio, graphics, text, and full-motion video through computer hardware and software.
LaxeMedia 3d modeling, animation3d design software can create product presentations and virtual environments with realistic materials. InteractiveIncludes HTML5, content production, graphic design, SEO, animation, optimization, and mobile friendly design.
Interactive Starship Theater

This 160˚ dome interactive motion simulator was designed to allow visitors to launch a spaceship from Earth and steer it through the planets and stars.

Throughout the show, visitors were given several opportunities to become pilots and take control of the flight through the control panels built into the seats or choose to become a scientists or engineers who'd be required to work with others to complete vital mission tasks.


  • LaxeMedia wireframes